Match Made in Heaven (Galveston, Texas)

To call these two my friends (and Kaila my roommate) is an absolute delight. Their strong faith and compassionate nature shine through in the way they treat not only each other but everyone they meet. Spending time with them is always a blast; their infectious laughter and fun-loving personalities are truly contagious!

160 Mile Surprise

Jesús and Kaila have a unique love story--they have dated long distance their entire relationship. As you could imagine, coordinating each of their in-person visits takes careful planning, making it nearly impossible to catch the other completely off guard. But Jesús accepted this challenge and planned a beautiful proposal on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in Austin.

Jesús drove 160 miles across Texas, left Kaila a heartfelt letter to read when she came home from work, and set up the perfect spot for their proposal to take place on the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk.

Hey Alexa, Play Taylor Swift

What is the first thing you do when you learn you are going to be engaged to the love of your life in less than two hours? Well if you are Kaila, the answer is immediately running around our neighborhood to burn off some adrenaline (duh!).

After undoubtedly setting a new mile PR, Kaila and I blasted some Taylor Swift (setting the mood with the perfect Spotify playlist), she got herself ready, and the two of us set off on our drive to go meet Jesús.


Jesús asked Kaila to marry him and delight was clear in her eyes--her heartfelt "yes" was a moment of pure happiness!

Each engagement I have the pleasure of photographing is truly an honor, however there is something extra special in capturing this occasion for my close friends. Moments like these remind me of why I love what I do!

Pop the Champagne

Time to celebrate! We spent the next hour capturing sweet snapshots of Jesús and Kaila's love, freezing those moments of absolute joy in time.

The picturesque Austin city skyline, a stunning glimpse of their future home together, added the perfect touch to each photo. As my camera clicked away, their love and laughter filled the air, effortlessly creating beautiful memories to be cherished forever.

Cheers to the Future Mr. and Mrs. Castro!